Who are we kidding, everyone loves discounts! Be it clothes, footwear, appliances or even video games. The words "20% OFF" on our favourite item will definitely trigger an overwhelming urge to splurge.

And that brings us to Fyndine. It was just another Friday night. As was the weekend tradition, we were at our favorite restaurant, discussing the latest developments in Game of Thrones and indulging in a few sinful treats when a group of people, not unlike ours, caught our attention. They were expectantly trying to convince the restaurant manager to give them a discount on their bill, as they just had a birthday party. We observed that this was a common occurrence at restaurants. That's when it struck us!! Hey, why not create a portal where people can avail discounts on parties at their favorite restaurants, and save themselves the embarrassment of haggling over the bill?

It took us a few weeks of brainstorming, negotiating with restaurant owners and considering popular diner demands to introduce Fyndine, a venture committed to making your celebrations even more special. This is just the start folks, we have lots in store for you!

Stay tuned...